Win Free Tickets to Alabama vs. Virginia Tech

2013 Alabama Viewing Guide

This is your chance to win free tickets to the Alabama / Virginia Tech Kick-off Classic.  FREE TICKETS, for reals!

Entry is simple.  Purchase a copy of the Alabama Viewing Guide and you’re entered.  Simple as that.  Go HERE for more information on the guide and HERE to make your purchase.

Look, this is a no lose situation.  The feedback we’re receiving is that this is the best Alabama Preseason Guide on the market and it’s priced at a ridiculously flexible – you name the price offer.

Its 45 pages of rich Alabama content that you’re sure to enjoy.


Free tickets, what’s the deal!?!

As for the free tickets, it’s as simple as this:

  • Download a PAID copy of the guide to be entered
  • Every $3 you pay for the guide equals an entry into the contest.  Pay $3 you get 1 entry, pay $9 you get 3 entries.
  • So long as we get enough PAID entries to cover my cost of the tickets, the contest is on.  (at the time of this posting, we’re close, a few more paid sales and we’re there)
  • Leading up to the game, we’ll select a winner and hand deliver the tickets at the venue.
  • Tickets are in the Tide Pride seating section.

If you’ve already purchased a Guide, you’re entered.  If you downloaded a free guide and want to participate then either buy another one or contribute via the PayPal button in the right side bar.  If you just want a free copy of the cool guide, great, enjoy the heck out it!

Tickets will be hand delivered.  We’re cutting out shipping costs and trying to keep the contest open for as long as possible.  If we receive enough sales to qualify for the give away, we’ll continue contacting winners until someone is able to meet us to pick up the tickets.

If you’re suspicious about this contest, I understand.  We made one of our early listeners very happy when we gave away free tickets to the 2010 National Championship Game.  If the contest conditions are met, you have my word that these tickets will be given away.

If you have any other questions.  Let’s hear them.

2013 Alabama Viewing Guide



Win Tickets to Alabama Vs. Virginia Tech!



If you are interested in purchasing our guide but would rather use PayPal than your Credit Card, then download from Gum Road and make a payment via out paypal button on the site.

If you prefer to purchase our guide but prefer to forgo the GumRoad process then email us and we’ll forward a copy of the guide to you.  Your contributions can be made via the PayPal button on our side bar.