We’re On the Move


Alabama Football Podcast

Well hello there stranger.

It’s been a minute, or perhaps a couple seasons since we’ve published content on our “home” site. Since January 2014 – wow has it really been that long – we’ve partnered with Bama Hammer, but entering the 2017 season, we’re back on the site that bears our name.

If you only listen to us on the podcast, then you’re not likely reading this and the site movement will have zero impact to you. Our iTunes feed will remain constant, as it always has.

If you subscribe to our original newsletter, then you’ll start getting new emails every time we publish an article or post our podcast show notes.  We hope you’ll enjoy having us back in your emails and help the cause by sharing them with family and friends.  If you don’t want those emails then you might want to get your head examined, or you can simply use the unsubscribe button.


For our most loyal and faithful fans, I want to ask for your help.

As we work to re-engage our original site we’re sure to have some links that don’t work or logo images that are not updated or other oddball items. Please take a moment to check out the site, click the links and let us know how it looks.


In the meantime, sit back and get ready for some our best content coming your away.

Roll Tide!


By the way – we still enjoy our friends over at Bama Hammer and encourage you to continue keeping up with their outstanding work.