Alabama Viewing Guide

Hey guys, we pulled together what we think is the ultimate guide for the 2013 season.  We’re calling in the 2013 Alabama Viewing Guide because its so much more than just simply a preseason report. This thing is packed with the passions, opinions, insights, and observations our listeners enjoy and we think you’ll really enjoy this too. Here’s the deal.       What can you expect to find inside?

    • 10 Important Watch Items not the same stuff you’ve been reading all summer, these are the patterns an entrenched fan will be watching.


    • Forecasted Starters we’re not talking about a formation dependent list of 11, we channel Saban and introduce our take on the actual “ones”.



“I love, love, love the idea of the starting 15.  You completely sell the concept and win your case.  Any lineup from other sources is incomplete without this.  You even incorporated the guys graphically.  Awesome.”

    •  Position Group Breakdowns with Key Player Assessments All the preseason reports proclaim that we’re talented across the board, but where are our true positions of strength and where are our soft spots?
  • Full Season Game by Game Rundown All teams evolve over the course of a season.  We try to map a representative growth chart for the 2013 team.


  • Pre-Season Roster creating rosters just seems to be something we enjoy doing around here, this time we built a guide to both house it, and tell its story.



   This thing is 45 pages of rich content with no fluff and I think it’s worth your time.         What’s it gonna cost me? If you listen to our podcast, we hope we’ve built some credibility with you as both huge Alabama Fans and as generally decent people.  So the last thing we want to do is put out some crap product for a few quick bucks. In fact, our pricing demonstrates our confidence in the quality of the guide: You Name The Price!

    • You want to download it for free and read it first, go ahead.  You can always go back and add or increase your contribution.
  • You want to “buy us a round” in exchange for the Guide, CHEERS!


  • You want to buy the guide an contribute a little extra to be a title sponsor of an episode, Awesome!**



 “I think it’s the best thing out there.  People should definitely throw a few bucks your way if a pre-seaon magazine full of puff pieces sells for like $13.” Keep in mind also, that proceeds from the Viewing Guide will go to help us pay for our weekly production costs.  So not only do you get this awesome guide, but you also get to help us keep this thing going.       Let me wrap up with this, one of our objectives on the Podcast is to share the details and patterns we observe while watching the games.  Year after year we string together our observations into, we think, interesting conversation and this exercise makes the viewing so much more enjoyable for us.  This guide is written in this same spirit and we really think you’re going enjoy it.     If you’re still not sure, its really a no risk proposition.  Pick it up and give it a read.  Then you decide what it was worth to you and your fan experience.   Thanks for visiting our site and for reading this and please go ahead and check out the guide and let us know your thoughts! In the meantime, RTR! Dave Ozment 2013 Alabama Viewing Guide


Alabama Viewing Guide

**Since I put it out there, if you’re really interested in being a title sponsor for a show, drop me an email and I’ll share with you our weekly production costs.  It’s not huge but it’s more than a couple bucks so serious inquiries only.  For the price of sponsoring 2 shows we’ll talk about having you dial into our production process one week!