[UPDATE]: 2013 BCS Championship Alabama and Notre Dame Preview – Alabama Offense vs. Notre Dame Defense

We had an audio glitch with our first version of this show.  I think this one has those kinks worked out.  The show is virtually the same for the first ~17 minutes but this version should have a properly recorded ending.

Apologies for the miscue and RTR!

In this episode Tom and Dave break down the upcoming 2013 BCS Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame. This is part 1 of a 3 part series and here we focus on the match up between Alabama’s Offense and Notre Dame’s Defense.

  • Alabama Offense
  • Attack down the field
  • Establish Run and Play Action
  • Barrett Plays
  • Does Kenny Bell play?
  • Expect TJ to have a big day
  • Notre Dame’s base 3-4
  • ND’s LBs drive versatility – Shembo as Jack and Spond as Spur
  • Heisman Candidate Manti Te’o 7 ints
  • 3 Huge DLs
  • ND is SEC-like circa 2004
  • Weakness in back end
  • Easy Yards between 20’s
  • Alabama Offensive Players to watch


Download the best 2013 BCS Championship Head to Head Roster


2013 BCS Championship Game Roster



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