Alabama Football Tailgating

Attending Bama games is a long standing and ongoing tradition for Tommy and I.  You’ll find us at all Bama home games and many road games.  We’ll be the ones wearing Crimson!

Kidding aside, we may be sporting Alabama Football Podcast t-shirts so if you spot us, be sure to say hello.  And if you’re interested in one of our shirts.  We can hook you up.

For many many years we hosted a tailgate first with… and then for our friends.  Due to increased family demands and the increased hassle afforded by the Bruno Game Day squads, we’ve scaled down our on campus spread but our passion is in no way diminished.  Those familiar with campus may recognize our former stomping grounds.  We were off the quad’s north east corner next to the Natural Sciences building and across Hackberry from the Biology building.

Those were some good – and busy times.  At one point we rented a storage facility in Tuscaloosa and many Friday nights we jig-saw puzzled our gear into what we called a mule car – once loaded, there was barely enough room for the driver – and we’d sneak it into the Rodgers Library parking lot over night.  I say sneak, because the Bruno’s security was stationed to prevent us from doing what we did.

Hopping curbs and kind talking security was routine and one night Tommy pulled up to a security stop and feigned being lost.  He occupied the guards as only he can and I drove by ignoring the guard trying to flag me down.  The next week they added more cones and pylons so our tactics evolved.  Good times.

Our tailgating experiences evolved as well.  I had a huge rubber bin that we called “the tub”.  If you ever needed something.  It was likely in the tub.  And if it wasn’t there this weekend, you could count on it being there next weekend.  We took being stocked and ready for anything as serious sport.

Below is a rundown of some of our more critical gear.  The images are Amazon affiliate links so we get pennies on anything you may purchase.  Consider it a tip for our show if you enjoy it.  Using these links costs you nothing extra but certainly endears our gratitude.

Happy Tail Gating and Roll Tide!!


1.  Tailgate Tents.  Shade from the heat and cover from the rain.  You’ve got to have at least 1 tent and 2 or 3 is even better if you have a crowd or a….

2.  TV with Satellite hook up.  Face it, college football Saturdays are all about college football and of course seeing the Tide is the top priority but that doesn’t mean you have to miss the rest of the action.  For the late afternoon games we’d often arrive early enough to be set up in time for breakfast before the JP games… dating myself a little with that reference… and then stay after our game for the prime-time ESPN game.  All from our cozy and stocked  tailgate spot.

3.  Tables and Chairs.  More than you think you’ll need will be almost enough.


4.  Food!  And again, more than you think you’ll need will be about right.  At one point we had a good crowd on a regular basis so we rotated who was responsible for “hosting” the tailgate.  That week the host was responsible for all the food.  I probably treated as more of a competition than the others but that’s ok.  It was all in good fun and the food was always great.

5.  Grills and Crockpots.  You’ve got to be able to heat and reheat the food!


6.  Eating Equipment.  And I’m not just talking about your pie hole.  Plates, napkins, utensils, paper towels, etc.  One run to a box store and you’re stocked for the season.


7.  Coolers.  Same rule applies here… you’ll need a bunch between all the food, fixins, brews, mixers, etc.


8.  Extension Cords and Power Distributors.  Some folks use generators and that’s ok I guess.  I find them very noisy and I’ll never forget the obnoxious LSU fans who blasted their music so loud…. that is until their generator ran out of gas.  They actually had the nerve to ask to use our power after ignoring our requests to scale down the music just a bit.  It seemed that campus was scaling down the public access to electrical outlets but we found a nice one on the back side of the Natural Sciences building.  We had about 100ft of power cord and a nice 10 outlet distributor.  We had power for days.


9.  Tools.  You just don’t know what you’ll need.  Screw drivers, hammer, utility knife, duct tape, allen wrenches, scissors, WD40, zip ties…  you never know so be ready.


10.  Trash Can and Bags.  A handly collapsible yard work can is perfect.


11.  Toilet paper.  Don’t ask, just have a roll handy.  Someone in your party will be glad you did.

12.  ‘The Bin’.  Like I mentioned, you gotta have a beast rubber bin that is stocked with all your supplies.  It’s a single stop for game day needs and it makes packing and hauling a breeze.  It also makes you look like a pro when every request yeilds a singular response.  “Check the bin.”

Here’s the exact one we used for years.

What supplies make your must have list?  Add them and your favorite tailgating stories in the comments below.