Transfer iTunes with your Android Device

This is outside our normal content, but if you’re following us and consuming our podcast, then perhaps this will be of value to you.  I personally searched out these apps and use them daily.  I simply want to share what I found (and enjoy).

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Listen to your iTunes on your Android Phone at up to twice the playback speed!  No, not a misprint.  You can transfer your iTunes to Android!

No more iPod for me because I’m able to sync my iTunes account with my Android phone.  I’m also able to use an audio player that allows me to increase playback speed to as much as twice the normal speed.

This is the perfect solution for:

  • Too many podcasts but too little time – double your mp3 playback speed
  • Tired of carrying around your iPod and your Android phone
  • If you don’t have an iPod but still want to use the content rich iTunes library

This is how I – Dave from the Podcast – listen to my podcast downloads on my daily commutes and it works very well for me so I wanted to pass along the idea to you.

Here’s the 2 step process I followed – how to transfer music from iTunes to Android:

Step one – download the iSyncr app which allows you to sync your iTunes and Android accounts.  You’ll need to download the paid version to your device and then a free software to your desktop so they can complete the sync process.  Videos and guides are available and it’s a pretty simple process.  If you already have a favorite player, then you’re done.  *Free desk top app only available here.

Step two – download Rocket Player app to your device and adjust the audio settings to find a playback speed that works for you.  The increased speed can take some time to get used to so build it up over time.  Use the ‘correct pitch’ setting to remove the chipmunk sound.

Note, each app is $3.99, which I considered a pretty good deal considering the increased podcast throughput I was able to achieve, not to mention only having to tote a single device.  But if you’re still not sure, both apps offer a FREE TRIAL version which you can use and discard or try out and upgrade.  They both also have tutorials to assist with the install and operations.

So, no risk and bunches of upside if this is an efficiency you’ve been wanting.  I literally spent months looking so finding this was truly a win.  I hope it’s helpful to you too.  Feel free to comment your results below.

Below I’ll provide links to the Amazon App Store.  If you purchase through either of these links I’ll get a small commission at no additional cost to you.  My personal thanks for those to elect to go that route.


iSyncr – sync your iTunes account with your Android device!


Rocket Player – boost playback times up to 2x normal speeds!


Here’s a video from the app developer with even more information.