Roll Mal


Mal Moore Alabama Athletic Director, Gentleman

Saturday, March 30 Alabama suffers a significant loss.  A loss not at the hands of an opponent, but at the inevitable passing of time.  On this day, at the age of 73, former player, coach, AD, and ambassador Mal Moore passes away in Durham, NC while preparing for and awaiting a lung transplant.

Many other articles and news sources will report all the details so as tribute I’ll simply borrow a line from long time friend and sometime AFP contributor Greg.

“His (Mal’s) lifetime contribution to Alabama Football may never be equaled”. published a fine story outlining Mal’s lengthy career at Alabama as a quarterback, coach, and AD.  Mal’s love for the University ran deep and his contributions were indeed mighty.

Mal Moore’s Career at Alabama

Here are some images capturing moments along his Alabama Football Life.

Mal Moore Alabama QB


Mal Moore Alabama Coach with Bear Bryant


Mal Moore Alabama AD Expanding Bryant Denny Stadium


Mal Moore Alabama AD Hires Nick Saban