Manziel Heisman – Built by Bama

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last couple days, you probably already know that Johnny Manziel, aka, Johnny Football, or in some quarters Johnny Scobby Doo, just won college football’s annual award presented to the most outstanding player.

If you have been under that rock, take a moment and read this, this and this.

Don’t worry about us, while we’re waiting for you to catch up, we’ll enjoy our piping hot Heisman Pizza.

So Johnny won, great.  Its another award for the SEC, aka, the Center of the College Football Universe.  But what it also represents – perhaps only to me – is another Alabama Heisman trophy.

OK, clearly a little tongue in cheek here, but can you name a single highlight that did not include Johnny doing work against Alabama.  Frankly, I’m convinced Sumlin isn’t getting nearly enough credit for the bobbled, fumble to self, rollout, TD strike play, proving great artists and play designers are never appreciated in their own time.  Clearly Johnny had a great year and some day the footage may even be unearthed, but rest assure in the meantime, that endless reels of improbable plays against Alabama is enough to market a Heisman moment.  That actually says something good about our progam.

Again, don’t worry about us, while you’re letting the last nugget breathe, here’s further evidence that Johnny’s game continues to excel off the field as well.