LSU Post Game Review

In this episode, Tom and Dave discuss the LSU game.

Highlights Include:


  • Urgency
  • Attacking Peterson
  • Warmack
  • Vlachos
  • Playcalling


  • Secondary – Man vs. Zone
  • Allowing Big Plays
  • Attacking the QB
  • Chavis Williams

Special Teams

  •  Cade Foster
  • Mandell
  • Scott Cochran

(mini) Game Balls

  • John Fulton


Take Aways

  • No Identity
  • Crazy thy name is Les


Mississippi State Look Ahead

  • Tom and Dave predict the score

LSU Postgame Review

Let us know what you think or if there are any Tide questions you’d like to hear Tom and Dave comment on.

Thanks and Roll Tide!

Photo by: TideSports