Happy New Year, Official Launch of the Mailbag, Help Requested

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone following the Alabama Football Podcast.  When Tom and I started this a couple years ago, we did so on a lark.  I enjoyed listening to podcasts on my commutes and we both enjoyed talking Alabama Football…. ‘we can do that too’ was the thought.

And here we are a couple years (and many lessons learned) later, still ‘on the air’.  We’ve connected with fans all over the world – literally – and we’ve enhanced a long standing pass time.  I like to think – and I actually believe it – that doing these shows has made us better fans.  We see more in each game and coaching decision and I think we’re better able (at times) to articulate our observations.  We really hope you all agree.

We will stop short of taking credit for Alabama’s success during our tenure as podcasters, I mean, Saban is due at least some credit, after all.  But it has been fun.

We have some interesting ideas for the future and continue to welcome your feedback on our every move.

One unofficial feature we hope to continue moving forward is the mail bag.  We’ve collected questions and comments in the past and addressed them either on our shows of via separate articles (here and here are recent examples).

Another simple question I turned into an involved answer is slated to post later this week.

So as long as you continue to reach out and drop us questions, we’ll do our level best to respond and share our thoughts with the group.  Contacting us is easy, simply leave a comment at the bottom of any article or drop us an email using our contact form.

To that end, I want to ask a special favor.  We’re working on our off season schedule and want to hear from you.  What questions or ideas would you like to have us address?  Which specific player or coach or position would you like to hear us spend time with?  Drop us that email and let us know.  We’ll do our best to answer every reasonable question.

In the meantime, “get your mind right and go out there an make their ass quit.”

Roll Tide