Best College Football Book Ever?


Taste of the Town

This new book by Todd Blackledge has the inside track to become one of my favorite football books.  Todd has long hosted a popular feature which airs during the games he’s broadcasting called “Taste of the Town”.  In this segment, he visits some of the favorite local joints in college towns across America and samples from their most iconic (and caloric) offerings.

Never have I watched a section and not wanted to visit that campus and its featured eatery.

In this book Todd blends continues to blend two of my favorite things, food and football.  He’s sharing recipes from many of his most popular stop but also sharing stories of college football traditions from around the country.  This is stuff that makes college football so unique and so enjoyable for so many people regardless of the team they follow.

The book releases September 3, but you can reserve your copy today.

Thanks and RTR!

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