Alabama vs. Missouri Post Game Review

In this episode Tom and Dave break down the Alabama game verses the Missouri Tigers.

  • Alabama record setting running game
  • Eddie Lacy
  • TJ Yeldon
  • Flea Flicker to Kenny Bell
  • McCarron Injury
  • Mosley is devastating
  • Adrian Hubbard is developing each week
  • Tommy says something nice about Vinnie!
  • MeLicheal Fanning’s WWE take down
  • Game Balls
  • Special Teams….. Landon Collins great, the rest in the tank
  • Mailbag – thanks for the iTune reviews, emails, and Facebook comments

I regret not taking a moment to comment in the podcast on the recent passing of Beano Cook.  For years I’ve enjoyed Beano on radio and TV, and most recently I enjoyed is contributions to ESPN’s College Football Podcast.  It may have been his shows with Ivan Maisel that planted the seed within me to give this podcast a shot.  His wit and charm and knowledge and humor will be sorely missed.

Here’s a link to Ivan’s tribute to Beano.


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