Alabama vs. Michigan Post Game Report

*Sorry we’re late getting this posted.  While the Tide was clearly in mid season form, we’re still ironing out a couple technical issues.  Our audio expert should be back in the mix next week so our schedule and sound quality are about to level out.  Thanks for your patience and Roll Tide!

In this episode Tom and Dave breakdown the Alabama vs. Michigan game.  Topics include:

  • Offensive Line
  • Running Back depth and talent
  • Yeldon emerges
  • TE Play
  • Walkon Kelly Johnson
  • Offensive Game Ball
  • Milliner is a terror
  • Nico and Mosley together
  • Hubbard sets edge or under preforms?
  • Vinnie
  • Defensive Mini Game Balls
  • Specialists
  • Next week vs. Western Kentucky

Our friends at MgoTalk posted this article breaking down the game from the Michigan perspective, give it a read:  Getting Punched In The Mouth Is No Fun.