Alabama vs. LSU Post Game Review

In this episode Tom and Dave discuss the close encounter in Baton Rouge as the Tide battles back against LSU to remain undefeated and on pace for a 3rd National Title in 4 years.

  • McCarron’s performance before and during “The Drive”
  • Yeldon’s bouncing back
  • Success Running
  • Offense Struggles
  • Mad Hatter mad hatted
  • Mettenburger has a Garcia-like game
  • Was LSU the better team?
  • Base D sits Mosley
  • 88 plays allowed
  • 7 Punts!
  • Cyrus Fumble
  • Mini Game Balls
  • Next week’s opponent – Texas A&M


Interesting Article – Is this Saban’s Best Team?


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 Johnny Manzeil doing work as Scobby Doo!   Zoinks!


Here’s the show!