Alabama Viewing Guide: Excerpt Three

Alabama Viewing Guide

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This sample is pulled from our game by game rundown of the season.  Our thought is that teams evolve as a season progresses so what characteristics should we expect from the team as the season unfolds?

Here’s today’s sample, our expectations for the season opener against Va Tech.


August 31 – Virginia Tech – Atlanta 

The season opener is always fun.  It’s the return of football and it’s been especially fun these last few years with our opening game being a primetime event.

This will mark our 3rd season opener in Atlanta and the second against Va Tech, but I don’t expect that to dampen the spirit, much.  It won’t rate as high on the emotional scale as last season’s trip to Dallas, but it’s still a premier venue and a respected opponent.

All of the watch items we’ve discussed will be in full effect which will be enough to keep the observant fan busy.

How does this game play out?  Va Tech will be game early but will prove to lack the firepower to complete.  This too will come early.  Their lunch pail defense will give good effort but will be looking forward to conference play by half.

Alabama on the other hand will look to send a message to future opponents and it’ll extend further than simply the scoreboard.  We’ll display an array of offensive formations and demonstrate an ability to move the ball both around and down the field.

Most fans are concerned about “showing too much”, but Saban has demonstrated a mindset of abundance.  He’ll show more and put more on tape for future teams to review and prepare.

With that in mind look for physical running out of 2 TE sets and 5 wide formations, perhaps even on the same drive.  Look for motions from a bunched formation to a 4 wide set.  All designed to stress the defense and keep defensive coordinators up at night.

I imagine we’ll have 4 different offensive players score touchdowns and as many as 12 with multiple touches.

On defense, look for a young pass rusher to emerge and all the pundits to rave over the ‘missing ingredient’ from our recent defenses being addressed.

41 – 6 Alabama

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Alabama Viewing Guide

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