Alabama Viewing Guide: Excerpt One

Alabama Viewing Guide

Over the next couple days we’ll be sharing excerpts from our 2013 Alabama Viewing Guide.  The feedback we’re getting so far is amazing and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you’ve downloaded a copy, Thanks!

If you’re still thinking about it, I understand.  I almost never buy or download something at first glance, so this mini-series of excerpts if just for you.


Today’s excerpt is ripped from our position break down and is specifically pulled from our review of the defensive line.  This content represents just over half of the write-up available for this position alone.  In total we have over 8 pages dedicated to the defensive side of the ball and another 11 pages running through the offense.

The Starter/Rotation/Depth graphic is featured for each position group along with a starting line-up graphic for the entire Offense and Defense that you won’t find anywhere else.

But enough of my attempt at a hard sell, here’s today’s excerpt pulled directly from the guide.

I think there’s a lot to like across this entire unit.  In fact, top to bottom and accounting for both production and potential, I think the DL rates amongst one of our more talented units.

NG is a pivotal position in a Saban defense and frankly we have the biggest question mark at this position since a kid named Cody rolled onto campus.  I don’t know that anyone on our roster is ready to match Cody’s day one impact, but I don’t know that we require quite the same impact to bolster the defense.  Sure, it would be welcomed, but what we need is consistent and capable play. 

I’m in the camp of believers that think a remade Brandon Ivory can fit the bill.  He’s been in the system for 3 years and he’s observed and learned from some talented players ahead of him.  Ivory split duty with Jessie last year and despite his own injuries, he looked good in spots.  We’ll need him to string together those spots more consistently this year and I think the upper classman will manage.

Stinson is a quiet yet steady producer who has improved every year in the program.  While more of the same would be plenty to advance our cause, I suspect he’ll use his senior season to punctuate his tenure.

Pagan is poised for a breakout campaign in 2013.  He looked dominant at times last season and looked better and better as his role and playing time expanded.  I suspect he’ll be primed for a big season.

 Alabama Defensive Line

The next layer of guys will actually have the most to say relative to the success of this unit.  We rotate so many defensive linemen and use so many sub packages based on DL personnel groupings and how an offense is trying to attack, that if we’re unable to find the required quality from this group, it’ll be a long season.


The rest of the DL write-up speaks to the roles and contributions I expect from the backups and new guys.  If that piqued your interest, head over to the information page for more details or head directly to download.

The download is facilitated by a service called GumRoad and we’re pleased with our experience with them so far.  Please let me know if you have any questions or issues with the process.

Alabama Viewing Guide

2013 Alabama Viewing Guide



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