Alabama Football Podcast Pre-Season Roster

We’re mixing it up a little around here this year.  We’ve been giving away free rosters for A-Day and we’re expanding this to include the Pre and Regular season as well.  Participation is easy,  simply sign up for our newsletter and we’ll email you a copy of our roster every time it updates.

Signing up is easy as well.  There’s a link below – just click on our new logo and it’ll take you to a sign up page.  There’s another subscription logo to the right as well.  Finally, we’ll be launching a new welcome page that will allow you to sign up.  If you’ve already signed up there then the roster may already be in your inbox.






Of course we’ll never sell or spam your email, that’s not our game.  We simply want to be more engaging and reachable.

Comment below or respond to our emails and let us know how we’re doing.  How do you like our new logo, our new site design, our modified Facebook page, and of course let us know how you like the podcast.

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Thanks and Roll Tide!