Alabama Crimson Tide – WINNING!


Tom and I are working on the post game show and it should be a lot of fun.  As much fun as the post game in the Quarter, well, probably not but such is life.

In the meantime, I want to share my 3 favorite write-ups following the game.  First is an email we received from one of our great friends and an original member of our long standing football talking bunch.   His thoughts are honest and spot on.

The next 2 items are articles from web sites.  Bama Sports Report, or BSR, is a must read for Bama fans and is referenced often in our podcast.

The last item is a something I found linked on Tider Insider earlier today.  Great, great summary over at Aaron Torres Sports.  It felt like he was ripping thoughts out of my brain as I was reading it, that’s how in tune I am with his commentary.  I’ll have to revisit his work.

Ok, enough preamble.  Enjoy!

I listen to the podcasts and I’m looking forward to the next one, but here’s my Greg-cast.  Hope y’all will give me some feedback.

My grades on pre-game predictions weren’t that good.  I got a couple right, but a monkey probably could have done better by guessing randomly.

My gut feeling that LSU would be highly motivated and that players we held to nothing in the first game would at least break out a little in this one was completely, utterly wrong.  Mathieu and Randle, as well as Jefferson, really scared me and we completely humiliated them.

I marveled at the fact that each and every person I heard said the tenor of this game would be different and that there would at least be a few touchdowns.  I agreed with the majority in this, but realized it was only because people were playing the statistics.  I mean, what are the chances of yet another game completely dominated by field goals?  Well, statistics be darned.  It happened again.

What about the coaching?  Knowing LSU’s coach, I’ve come to respect him in that he always seems to know what to do to give his team the edge.  Need a trick?  He’s got one and even if it flubs, it ends up working anyway.  Need to play it totally straight?  He knows when to do that too.  He did that to us in November.  So, I felt like they had an edge in that intangible coaching gut instinct.  With Saban, it seemed that when we need a wrinkle, he doesn’t have one.  Or if he uses one, it backfires in our face or we’d have done better playing it straight.  Well, I got this one wrong too.  The shoe was on the other foot last night.  Saban was dialed in to the tone that was needed unlike I’ve ever seen him.  Les looked and sounded like he was completely overwhelmed.  Good times.  More importantly, the league balance of power has shifted back to Tuscaloosa yet again.

I was right about our offense though.  Trent was no more than a decoy for us.  He couldn’t do anything much against LSU’s defense and we had to rely on A.J. again for our big plays.  It wasn’t a popular prediction, but I got that one right.  Lacy looked better than him at times.  Richardson’s nice run in garbage time does serves to put a good final touch on his career, though.  He will go down as a guy who had good overall statistics for a year as starter, one of the very best seasons by the numbers, but he won’t enter the pantheon of Tide big-game heroes.  I suspect his measurables will serve him very well in the pros, however.

Listening to you guys, I was tuned in to C.J. Mosley.  He is electric and I still think y’all were right on about your analysis on him.  Harris frustrated me a few times, but he did have a great tackle for loss that had me in awe.  I hear that Mosley has a dislocated hip?  Boy, I sure hope he comes back at full speed.

How about that option game?  I think y’all said we would shut that down and I was afraid to go along with that.  Whoa boy.  We made the option look like a pathetic excuse for big boy football.  It was like a jailbreak of tacklers each time they tried it.  Humiliating.  I’m still laughing about it.  So sweet.

Speaking of sweet, Shelley was great.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more from him.  Fantastic work.  For our special teams, it was redemption for the previous game and Cade was nowhere to be seen.  I guess #43 is now an official bust for his career.  Maybe he can make a couple of tackles for us on special teams coverage next year.

McCarron was incredible, huh?  McElwain and Saban definitely had a plan to give this game to A.J. to win.  They must have known that we could not run against LSU.  Losing our bread and butter like that really puts us behind the eight ball and they were 100% ready for that.  Fantastic work by A.J. splitting the difference between making big plays and still taking care of the ball.  Unexpected how well he moved in the pocket also, and avoided damaging sacks.  We (probably) have two more years with this guy! Mini game balls: Gentry, Norwood. Roll Tide!