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2013 Alabama vs. auburn

December 3, 2013
AJ McCarron Iron Bowl

AJ McCarron Iron Bowl

In this episode Tom and Dave discuss the Tide’s Iron Bowl experience.  Highlights include the following: 

  • Ugh
  • How did this game turn?  Let me count the ways.
  • Drops, flags, over and under throws, etc
  • An observant fan’s repeat of 2010
  • It was not exclusively Cade’s fault, his team let him down
  • Big day for Yeldon
  • Where’s the Drake?
  • Cyrus starting opposite Belue
  • Big catches by Amari
  • Collins turns the table for a stretch
  • Defense, good enough to win… most of the day
  • The Mosley Report
  • 1 second…. good or bad decision?
  • Mini game balls
  • Next Up:  ???

Thanks for tuning in and Roll Tide!



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