2013 BCS Championship Alabama and Notre Dame Preview – Alabama Offense vs. Notre Dame Defense

Alabama Offense - 2013 BCS Preview

In this episode Tom and Dave break down the upcoming 2013 BCS Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame.  This is part 1 of a 3 part series and here we focus on the match up between Alabama’s Offense and Notre Dame’s Defense.

  • Alabama Offense
  • Attack down the field
  • Establish Run and Play Action
  • Barrett Plays
  • Does Kenny Bell play?
  • Expect TJ to have a big day
  • Notre Dame’s base 3-4
  • ND’s LBs drive versatility – Shembo as Jack and Spond as Spur
  • Heisman Candidate Manti Te’o 7 ints
  • 3 Huge DLs
  • ND is SEC-like circa 2004
  • Weakness in back end
  • Easy Yards between 20’s
  • Alabama Offensive Players to watch


Download the best 2013 BCS Championship Head to Head Roster


2013 BCS Championship Game Roster



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