2013 Alabama vs Virginia Tech Pregame

2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason - Virginia Tech


Welcome to the 2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason Show.

In this edition, Tom and Dave step breakdown the opening match up between Alabama and the Hokies of Virginia Tech. Highlights for this show include:


2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason Coach Nick Saban

  • Can the Hokies field a team? How about a competitive team?
  • Are we overlooking this game?
  • Has playing the Kick-off Classic lost its allure?
  • What to look for from Alabama on Offense?
  • What to look for from Alabama on Defense?
  • Pick the Score.




Alabama Viewing Guide


Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed the show. If you haven’t already, please check out our 2013 Alabama Viewing Guide.

2013 Alabama Viewing Guide



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