2013 Alabama vs Texas A&M Pregame

Game Planning Nick Saban


In this episode Tom and Dave break down the upcoming match up between Alabama and Texas A&M.

Highlights include:

  • Run the ball to control the clock
  • Timing patterns
  • Distributed passing attack
  • Line Improvement
  • Return of Kenyon Drake
  • A&M Struggles against Sam Houston State
  • Who is Timothy Flanders
  • Johnny Manziel….
  • Taller Receivers – Mike Evans
  • Nickel coverages
  • 2 Deep Safeties of Single Deep Safety
  • Maintain Pocket
  • Similarity to 2010 auburn game
  • Key players
  • The Football World is Watching
  • Predictions


On the show I referenced an article I read earlier today.  Here’s a link to a fantastic piece of work by Chris Brown over at Smart FootballSolving Alabama’s Manziel Problem.


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