2013 Alabama Spring Practice Things to Watch on Offense

Alabama Spring Practice QB Competition

In this episode Tom and Dave talk through the players and positions they want to watch in spring drills and discuss how these will impact our success on the field during the 2013 Season.

Topics in this show include:

  • Thoughts and prayers to Mal Moore
  • Offensive Line – Left Guard the key open question, Ryan Kelly, Leon Brown, Austin Sheppard, Alphonse Taylor, Brandon Green
  • Alex Morris and Cooper Bateman compete for backup QB.  What becomes of Philip Ely and Blake Sims?
  • How good is OJ Howard?  Does he show us something we’ve not seen from this position?  Who is our in line blocker vs receiving Tight Ends and H Backs?
  • Chris Black may be the hungriest player on the team leading into Spring Practice
  • DeAndrew White coming back from injury
  • Raheem Faulkins is an interesting prospect at recevier
  • Can Drake Pass protect?  Key to determining our RB depth
  • Does Jalston Fowler participate
  • Nothing to see here…. Dee Hart likely to spend time at DB
  • Breakout Offensive Player in the Spring


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2013 Alabama Spring Practice Things to Watch on Offense