2013 Alabama Spring Practice Things to Watch on Defense

Alabama Spring Practice Who Wins the Star position

In this episode Tom and Dave talk through the Defensive players and positions they want to watch in spring drills and discuss how these will impact our success on the field during the 2013 Season.

Topics in this show include:

  • Thoughts and prayers to Mal Moore
  • Welcome back CJ Mosley
  • Who is the next CJ Mosley type LB
  • Denzel Duval and Ryan Anderson
  • Noseguard Competition – Ivory, Lake, Kirvin, Pagan, Talyor… others?
  • Ed Stinson the most underrated DE on last year’s team
  • Adrian Hubbard’s High Ceiling
  • LeMicheal Fanning, better wrestler or football player?
  • Does the strength of the entire Defense come down to who plays the Star position in the nickel?  Listen in and read this and this, you might be surprised!
  • Safety Nickel vs. Corner Safety – Vinnie Sunseri, John Fulton, Geno Smith, Jabriel Washington, Jarrick Williams, or even Jai Miller
  • Breakout Defensive Player in the Spring


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2013 Alabama Spring Practice Things to Watch on Defense