2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason Offensive Overview

2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason Jalston Fowler


Welcome to the 2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason Show.

In this edition, Tom and Dave step through the Alabama Offensive Unit.  Highlights for this show include:


  • Quarterback, who will play behind AJ McCarronAJ McCarron - 2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason
  • Receivers – is this the best group ever at Alabama?  Who is the #2 receiver behind Amari Cooper?
  • Running Backs – how good can this group be?  What is TJ Yeldon’s ceiling?
  • TE/HB – How concerned should we be at the players being auditions here?
  • OL – This group continues to improve.
  • Offensive Breakout players.



 2013 Alabama Football Podcast Preseason - Running Back Corps

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