Alabama Football Podcast partnering with Bama Hammer

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The Alabama Football Podcast is moving to better serve you!

January 31, 2014



We promised BIG news and here it is…


The Alabama Football Podcast is moving!  We trust you’ll celebrate with us the fantastic opportunity we have to join forces with BamaHammer.


BamaHammer is a leading news site for Alabama sports with significant network relationships with leading sports outlets.  The site provides daily updates including game recaps, breaking news, analysis and opinionated commentary about the Alabama Crimson Tide – and will now feature all of our new written and podcast materials!

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to connect you, our fans, with a one-stop site for all your Alabama sports updates, while allowing us to continue our mission of connecting and interacting with as many Alabama fans as possible.


How will this change impact you?

Aside from the benefits associated with our being part of a larger Bama news outlet, you may not notice too many changes.

  • Our iTunes home and distribution channel will remain the same.  So if you’re already subscribed in iTunes then you’re already set.  If you’re not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?  Click here to get started.
  • If you listen to our podcasts online, be sure to add BamaHammer to your favorites.  We’ll have a podcast page set up over there just waiting for you.
  • Subscribe to BamaHammer’s Facebook or Twitter to learn about our new shows as they release.
  • Sign up for BamaHammer’s Daily email Newsletter (be sure to select Alabama Crimson Tide).
  • All of our archives will remain right here on our original site.  Feel free to reference our old shows or articles any time.

The nature of our shows will not change.  You’ll continue to get the detailed discussion and strong opinions you’ve some to appreciate from us.  The only change is the new platform and we trust you’ll enjoy the move as much as we do.

In fact, one of the changes you will recognize is MORE CONTENT.  We’ve long been asked for more shows and this transition allows us the opportunity to deliver on this request.  We’ll have a show following NSD and we’re planning at least 2 shows per month during the off season.

We look forward to your support through this transition and ask that you let us know if you have any questions through this transition.


Are you new to Alabama Football Podcast?

WELCOME!  With this announcement also going live on BamaHammer today, we may have a few folks looking to check us out and we appreciate the interest.  Here are a couple quick links to help introduce ourselves.

  • Who is the Alabama Football Podcast? – see our About Page for some backstory
  • What are these guys about? – see our Kevin Norwood article for a sense of our game appreciation
  • What is this Podcast? – check out recent content and 43 five-star reviews on iTunes
  • Want more?  Surf around.  We have our first 4 full seasons on this site for your review


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Ready to join us in this next chapter of Alabama Football?  We’ll see you over at Bama Hammer!

Alabama Football Podcast partnering with Bama Hammer